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We, as a spray tower manufacturer, are a leading business dedicated to providing various FRP machines and FRP products located in Hengshui, Hebei, China. We are located at the east of Rubber Road, Northern Industry Area. However, we are a sizable business that combines design, production, and sales to offer one-stop services. However, our first priority has always been our customers.

Modern technology and qualified personnel working in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities under strict quality control procedures. Thus, this guarantees that every spray tower we manufacture satisfies the strictest requirements for quality, effectiveness, and dependability. We, as a spray tower manufacturer, are dedicated to providing you with solutions that boost your business’s bottom line while also enhancing its internal operations.

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Your go-to partner for spray tower solutions, we are there for you from idea through installation and continuous support. Therefore, discover how we can improve your operations by looking through our selection of products and services. We, as a spray tower manufacturer, are proud to be a top producer of premium spray towers. Also, we can satisfy your particular specifications as this is our main competitive advantage.

We have been serving a variety of sectors with a legacy of innovation and engineering excellence. However, for companies looking for effective and dependable spray tower systems, our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions has made us a valued partner. We, as a horizontal FRP storage tank supplier, have the ability to accurately design and manufacture custom spray towers.


What is a spray tower?
A spray tower is a type of industrial equipment used for gas-liquid contact, often employed in air pollution control, chemical processing, and various industrial applications. It consists of a tower or chamber where a liquid is sprayed into a gas stream to remove or neutralize contaminants.
What is the purpose of a spray tower?
The primary purpose of a spray tower is to remove or control pollutants from a gas stream. This can include the removal of particulate matter, gases, odors, or the cooling of hot gases. Spray towers are often used to achieve air pollution control and gas scrubbing.
How does a spray tower work?
In a spray tower, a liquid (usually water or a chemical solution) is sprayed into the gas stream. The liquid droplets capture or react with the pollutants in the gas, which are then collected or neutralized. The cleaned gas exits the tower, while the captured contaminants are collected in a liquid sump at the bottom.
What are the maintenance requirements for spray towers?
Maintenance requirements can vary, but typical tasks include cleaning nozzles, inspecting the liquid distribution system, and monitoring the condition of materials exposed to corrosive gases or chemicals. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the spray tower’s optimal performance.
Are spray towers energy-efficient?
The energy efficiency of a spray tower depends on the specific design and the application. Some spray towers may consume significant energy for liquid atomization and gas circulation, while others may be designed with energy-saving features. Efficiency considerations vary from case to case.

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