FRP Storage Tank

FRP fiberglass reinforced plastic storage tanks, applicable to a variety of acids, alkalis, salts and organic solvents and other corrosive environments

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“The FRP tanks produced by our company are mainly made of high-strength fiberglass composite material and adopt advanced FRP spray lining winding process. Quality control points are established in a dozen of processes from raw materials to resin preparation, fabrication, spray lining, assembling, winding, assembling, water testing, fumigation, inspection, etc. Each process is supervised and checked by professional quality control personnel. Each process is supervised and checked by professional quality controllers to effectively guarantee the quality of the products. All the indexes reach the national standard.
Product features and advantages
1 Save time and labor: FRP storage tanks are high strength, light weight and easy to transport. The product is molded as a whole, made according to the customer’s customized size, maneuverable, without assembly, and the customized pipe opening is quick and convenient to connect with the customer’s on-site pipeline.
2 Environmental protection: FRP material is pollution-free, good sealing performance, not easy to leak.
3 Durable: FRP composite material has high corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, good tensile properties, long service life of the product, effective cost savings for customers.”


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