Material spray tower

PP, PE, FRP material spray tower is mainly used for industrial waste gas treatment in electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries, the liquid enters from the top of the tower, through the spray system into a mist or water droplets, the gas enters from the bottom of the tower, and the contact with the liquid is the soluble components in the gas is absorbed, with a simple structure, not easy to block, low resistance, easy operation and maintenance and other advantages.

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Spray tower, also known as washing tower, water washing tower, is a gas-liquid generating device. Exhaust gases are in full contact with the liquid, using its solubility in water or using chemical reaction, adding drugs to reduce its concentration, so as to become a clean gas that meets the national emission standards. It is mainly used to treat inorganic waste gas, such as sulfuric acid mist, hydrogen chloride gas, nitrogen oxide gas of different valence, dust waste gas, etc.


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